• "Hey dude. Wanted to let you know that you've inspired me to take one of the riskiest moves of my life. I put in my two weeks notice to move to LA in hopes of getting closer to my dream job. Sooo thank you!"
    Jessica Rosenbluth, Sports Marketing
  • "Thank you for being my guide and teacher these past few months. The impact you have on myself and others is tremendous!"
    Ariana Walton, Blogger
  • “What you're doing is BIG, JB! Social Media has taken over and I guarantee those close to you aren't the only ones surfing your site. You're creating a monster of a brand honey."
    Paris Baker
  • "The impact you have had on my life with your writing and motivational quotes has been tremendous. You have encouraged me to do what I love! Thank you!"
    Shontae Williams
  • "Your presentation was outstanding! I didn't know you prior, but after I wanted you to be a person that I will keep in touch with. I was very impressed with your preparation and professionalism. Thanks a million for taking time to share your knowledge of the industry with us."
    Curtis Ashton, Business Owner
  • "JB! You really take us on a journey with you. Your people and topics are always relatable .. and scream positivity!"
    Sherika Chambliss
  • "The site is ahmazinggggg! Like I'm speecheless. I love it! Great improvement. Very modern and interactive. You got a fan."
    Joelle Hedgepeth, Writer
  • "The #ShineHard Concept is dope! I applaud you! It's intriguing. Keep it up."
    Jabari Butler, Chef
  • “Johnny just wanted to say you've done a great job moving forward with your Food4Thought page! I'm a fan! Keep it up!"
    Bri Williams, Health Coach
  • "I am proud of you John! I've enjoyed everything you've done and shared it with others who loved it too. You're the most driven man I know."
    MiIndia Mansel, Student
  • “John you have been blessed to do what you love and inspire countless others through your testimony. Please don't take that for granted because you are the ONLY person that can do exactly what you have been doing."
    Charles Brown
  • "I appreciate you telling your story. It's truly inspiring! It makes me look at myself and see that I can be better and I'm never too old to chase my dreams. Thanks man."
    Andrew Anderson, Business Management
  • “To the man that always had a vision and knew the path he needed to get there. Proud to be your dean, but even prouder to call you a friend and a brother.”
    Nickolas Mitchell, Information Technology
  • "I finally read your blog and I was very impressed. You are extremely talented. I hope you have some other things brewing for us. Keep it up!"
    Kionna Kay, Health Care
  • "Thank you for all your support and encouragement. I love following you on instagram and all your positive vibes! Cant wait to see how far you go."
    Nikole Churchill


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