10 Tips to Enhance your Personal Brand IMMEDIATELY!




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Last week I traveled to New York to interview a media savvy entrepreneur who happens to be the CEO of a Million dollar business. We talked about the importance and relevance of one’s Personal Brand.

Not everyone is an entrepreneur but in today’s society we are ALL a walking, talking, posting, sharing BRAND. When you go to work: You are a Brand. When you post on social media: You are a Brand. I was so fascinated with the topic that I reached back into my notes and wanted to share an strategic list that I made to empower the brand called YOU.

10 Tips to Enhance your Personal Brand IMMEDIATELY

1) Figure out who people believe you are.

The interesting thing about your personal brand is it’s never what you say it is, it’s actually what everyone else says it is. Therefore, the first place to begin in the building and growth of your brand is to have an idea of what people currently think of you. Ask your friends and associates, “What does my social media say about me?

2) Figure out who you are.

Knowing who you are, at your core, is everything. It was invaluable for me to understand my values, my purpose, and become comfortable with my skills (and also the areas I’m simply not good at). Once you know who people think you are and who you actually are, you can begin to close the gap.

3) Own your Truth

Knowing who you are is meaningless unless you own it. As Oprah often says, “the hardest thing to do in life is live our truth.” I’ll say, while it’s the hardest thing to do, it’s also the most empowering thing we can do. Actually living and advocating for your values, your beliefs, and your areas of passion will allow you to enjoy the journey of building your brand.

4) Selecting Platforms

As a brand, your most defining asset is your ability to create valuable content. Another relevant note for 2015 is growing the number of stages you appear on. With so many platforms available, I look at each network as a community. Each network frequents different types of people that are looking for different things. You have to decide which platforms are the best fit for your content and which community your audience resides. In regards to sharing, it’s a numbers game decided by three factors: Quality x Quantity x Frequency.

5) Add Value All The Time

Quality. What are examples of adding value? Creating something incredibly useful, solving a problem that has yet to be solved, Sharing relevant news, educating & inspiring people, being accessible/approachable/and helpful, teaching a new skill. When you add value consistently over time, you in turn become very valuable. Valuable people command good money.

6) Become a Story Teller

So, your stage is selected, your adding value but you’re still not building an audience? It could be that you’re not storytelling. The best business brands in the world create influence and stand out by conveying their brand in narrative form. Personal brands can benefit in the same way. Stories allow people in our community to create connection with us and, ultimately, shape their own identities,

7) Brand Clarity

Mystery is cool & fun, but don’t make people guess or assume who you are or what you stand for. People hire, refer, and promote people that they know, like, and can trust. Make sure your community understands your message precisely. Be who you are consistently. After all, that should be why they are following | working with you.

8) Cross-Brand

Strong association drives credibility, validity, and increased visibility. Identify brands that serve the communities you’re interested in and partner with them.

9) Platform Consistency

Be who you are. People’s perceptions of your brand are emotional. When someone becomes emotionally connected to your brand, your brand becomes very powerful. With that comes a lot of responsibility because hen you fail to meet someone’s perceptions, you jeopardize their trust that you are who you say you are. Authenticity gives a much higher ceiling for potential than forced or Phony perceptions. Build trust and brand equity to ensure your brand’s success. After all, when you tell the truth you don’t have to remember what you said.

10) Work Your Ass Off

Imagine. Plan. Create. Execute. Pray. Enjoy. Repeat.



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