14 Buzz words that get you the job!

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When a company reviews your resume, it’s attractive to find a person who will take action and satisfy a specific need if hired. Verbs show the actions that companies are looking for, but often times people misuse the verbs or much worse use no verbs at all. Use this action list to breakdown and translate major value to potential employers.

1. Solved

Problem Solving is the cornerstone of business. The person who can help solve problem is a valuable to both the company and the customer.

2. Organized

Organization is the secret sauce to efficiency and effectiveness. A valuable skill to any team. Commonly used in project management roles.

3. Improved

Did you take things from bad to good? From good to great? Improvement is a lucrative process to facilitate. Mention it.

4. Planned

Planning implies that you possess the ability to visualize the steps and the account for the details. Planners are needed at every level, but mesh especially well with visionaries.

5. Managed

Management is delegation and sustainability. Not the most glamorous buzzword but necessary in all companies.


6. Developed

Popular term in the every growing tech industry. Related to created or built.

7. Executed

The super action word! This one goes great with the power behavior “Planned.” Has a lot to do with bringing ideas to reality.

8. Lead

Not to be confused with “Managed,” Lead reflects influence over people and initiative on projects.

9. Directed

Related to Supervision. I.e. Execution x Vision. Often used in marketing, film, and entertainment.

10. Launched

Introducing new features and products to a market is a big deal. Its an event that reflects planning, strategy, and execution.


11. Produced

The result of planning and execution. Relates to a finished product. Implies completion, a finisher.

12. Introduced

New ideas are frequent but change is sluggish. Persuasion and Innovation are two qualities implied by the “Introduced” action word.

13. Trained

Helping others improve is a skill that reflects patience. Furthermore, if you’re able to teach you are considered an expert in the subject.

14. Analyzed

Were your annual efforts effective? Reading and translating statistics are key skills in improvement.

Incorporate these buzz words into your resume for job hunting success!


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