15 very simple ways to show gratitude

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“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – John F. Kennedy

The holiday seasons should always bring us closer together with family and friends. And it usually does, right?
Well to be honest, we all know that seasonal intimacy either reminds us of how much we LOVE each other or reminds us that we drive each other freakin’ nuts!

Frankly, family will be found on both ends of this fine-lined spectrum.

I believe that the holidays, and our lives in general, are about spreading love! The best way to get more people on board with admiration & appreciation is to pay it forward. Energy is reciprocal. If you want a better life we must honor the people who make our lives better.

Here are 15 very simple ways to live a life full of gratitude…


Show Gratitude to the people who love you

1. Acknowledge them publicly. If someone has made a big difference in your life it’s special to tell let them know, but to tell them in the presence of others is sentimentally unforgettable.

2. Add details when thanking them.  If you really want to show appreciation, fully recognize their efforts. “Thank you so much for getting up early to prepare this wonderful dinner for us. I know it wasn’t easy, but I really do appreciate it!”

3. Do something little but thoughtful for them—like clean up after Thanksgiving dinner!

Show Gratitude to the people who challenge you

4. Fully listen to what they have to say, instead of forming your rebuttal in your head and waiting to speak.

5. Give them credit when they’re right, it will show respect for the other person’s opinion and progressively bridge any gaps between you.

6. Challenge them to be the best they can be,  in a non-confrontational way 🙂

Show Gratitude to the people who serve you

7. Use patience, even if you’re in a hurry.

8. Keep their workplace clean.  I.e. Clean up after yourself.

9. Give a larger tip than usual. 20%? Come on, it’s the holidays lol. 

Show Gratitude to the people who work with you

10. Ask them about their lives instead of always being all business. This doesn’t mean you need to pry into personal matters; it just means showing an interest in who they are as people.

11. Bring back lunch for them or treat them to a meal. Free food at the workplace is like mini Thanksgiving all year round.

12. Write a hand-written thank you note, or at least a HAPPY THANKSGIVING email!

Show Gratitude to yourself

13. If someone compliments you, just say thank you. It’s obnoxious to gloat and it’s rude to downplay a compliment.

14. Spend some alone time with no devices and no distractions. Just you and your peaceful hobbies!

15. Say a grateful prayer. “Thank you for my health, friends, family, talents, accomplishments, and future endeavors.” Being grateful for what you have will always attract more.


2 ways to show Gratitude on Thanksgiving…

1. Feed people -or- 2. Eat people’s food. I prefer the latter! Happy Thanksgiving! (Me on Thursday)


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