3 Keys to Shocking Success in 2016

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The new year is literally hours away! Here are 3 keys to shocking success in 2016.


Disconnect yourself from anything toxic in your life.

  • •Past Mistakes
  • •Fake Friends
  • •Negative Energy
  • •Self Doubt
  • •Distractions

Put yourself at the top of the priority list. Every once in a while take a hiatus from social media. #PLUGin to a world without technology. Stay in touch with physical health & reality.

Pretty much everything will work like new if you just #Unplug it for a few minutes… including You.


#Reflect on where you’ve been & what you learned there(literally & figuratively). Extract those valuable lessons and carry them with you into the new year. To advance the in future we must acknowledge the past. This is how we become wise.

The highest form of human maturity is accepting full responsibility for your own life. Look in the mirror; that’s your greatest ally and your only competition. #Reflection

Be a #Reflection of what you’d like to see in others. Initiate positivity in your life. This quote is written on my dry erase board: “BE SO GOOD THEY CANT IGNORE YOU.”


Every new level in your life will require a better you. 2016 is going to be a big year for you. #2016 is your NEXT LEVEL.

Use these last calm moments before the storm to clear your mind, unwind, and do what makes your soul happy. Once the new chapter begins, the pages turn nonstop. So Today, #Read #Rest #Relax Rekindle #Recharge 🔌🔋🎶🔑

Re-CHARGE!! Plug in & Attack 2016 like its your last 2016 ever!!

My assault on 2016 starts HERE: Johnny’s 2016 Attack Video

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