5 little things that make life more productive


5 little things that make life more productive

1. Plan.

Make realistic goals for your week. A huge mistake people make is stifling themselves with an overwhelming To-Do list. The purpose of goals is to foster progress and momentum, NOT to conquer the whole world in 7 days. Get that stress off your mind and trap your anxieties on paper! The 5-minute journal is a good tool for this.

2. Read.

What’s more important: Knowledge or Imagination? When I ask people this I hear both answers! I found out that reading is the cheat code. Why? Because reading is a source of both Knowledge AND Imagination. Jump start your day with Industry Trends, Personal Development, Current Events, Novels, whatever! Currently, anything on Young Ent is on my docket of daily reads.

3. Commit.

After you plan and study you need to hold yourself accountable to ACTION. I have a list of 8 things I do everyday because Habits are like Strokes in the Water. (Click to find out why). My mentor, Darren Hardy, the author of success magazine offers a weekly rhythm register that will help you stay on track.

4. Connect.

Relationships are like apple trees. We must plant seeds, water the soil, and let the sun #shine in regularly. Call people, respond to emails, comment on social media, send a letter! Communication doesn’t need to be long, it just needs to be had! When your apple trees grow strong and fruitful; voila! Delicious Apples. Granny Smith’s are my Fav 🙂

5. Focus!

Ask yourself, “What’s the MOST IMPORTANT thing I need to get done today?” … Then begin with that! I’m notorious for starting my day with texts, emails, and social media, then wondering why it’s almost dark outside. Don’t dwindle the day away with less important tasks. Knock off the head and the body will fall!

Bonus: Multi-tasking is proven to be counter productive. Science tells us that multitasking makes our work 50% less valuable and takes 50% longer to finish. Turn your phone off sometimes.

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