Mia Hill’s SoundCheck 1-2

Date: June 25, 2015 Category:

“My friend Mia and I have always shared a passion for music. It is probably one of the many reasons why we’ve become such good friends. She shared the idea of starting her own music channel with me about a year ago and I was excited to see her bring that idea to life. When she finally put her mind to it and created her campaign, I just one board and donated! Mia has a unique charisma and a talent with sound. No limit to how far she can go!” -Johnny


Message from Mia Hill:

My passion for music spans as far back as I can remember and my passion for GOOD music the very same. After growing tired of hearing the same ol’ bubblegum music clutter my speakers, I decided to completely disengage myself from mainstream radio, and throw my ears into every Indie sector that I could. As I scoured the net, I started to stumble upon some of the most amazing undersigned and underfunded talent imaginable. That was about 10 years ago, and with every click of the button at my fingertips, lies an underground society (if you will), of musical gems that I am amazed no one has ever heard of! So I thought, what can I do to get this goodness to the people???

At the core of it all, I simply want to bring new and amazing artists to speakers, sound stages, and SOULS everywhere. I am looking to raise $2500 to purchase the necessary equipment needed for bringing this vision together. As I am currently using borrowed equipment. Though $2500 is the goal, any amount is more than appreciated, and every single red cent counts. Shoot….I’ll even take donated equipment!! Basically… If you “BEELIEVE” like I do, let’s make this dream come true together!! #SoundCheck1-2

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