Nelita V’s Rooftop Project

Date: August 12, 2015 Category:

“I was happy to support my friend Nelita in her efforts to raise money for her home country. I live with a Filipino family  so I have a personal connection with the Filipino culture. Much love and respect for this cause!” -Johnny

Message from @Nelita_V:

Upon a recent trip to the Philippines, I was so overwhelmed with love and selflessness of the Filipino people. We often see the beauty of the Philippines displayed through pictures of white sand beaches and waterfalls, but most of us never get a true look of the average life in the Philippines. Could you picture a child in the US being allowed to be homeless, hungry, unclothed and dirty in the streets? No you can’t no one would allow that to happen. Can you imagine being in your 50’s and never having your own room your entire life? How about sleeping on a concrete floor that triples as your family room/dining room/bedroom? How about crawling into a dark cemented room to to bath yourself from a bucket or even bathing fully clothed outside? I could go on and on.

In the Philippines 18.4 million people live on the international poverty line of $1.25 per day. That is under $40 American Dollars a month. So, what is The Rooftop Project? Our goal is to place families living in poverty into better living situations as well as provide some time of daily living aid. We are asking for you help. We are in the beginning stages of the venture and need your help. Below you can donate any amount of your choice. 100% of your contributions will go towards families in need. Our goal for the first family is to pay their entire year of rent that includes a water bill. We have raised part of the amount, but we need your help with the rest. We are trying to raise $2050.00

We will be the site with photos and follow up stories. Feel free to use the contact form for any more information. Thank you for your support. Please make sure to share with others.

You can also donate directly on the site: