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At 8 years old, I’d been listening to music for years, but 1994 was my first year of musical exploration. This was the first year I owned my own music and because of this I began to develop a taste for and opinion on different types of music. Although still, the majority of sounds I was introduced to came from my Mom, Grandmother, Aunt, and neighbor John T., I knew what I liked and wanted more.

#illAlwaysRemember Kris Kross “Jump.” My Aunt Rose would play this song when I slept over. My cousin Lane and I would get pumped! We put on skullies and turned our jeans backwards. Tooo Lit! I mean we would jump for 30 minutes straight. I probably owe “Golden Joy” to Kris Kross.

#illAlwaysRemember when “Big Poppa” came on during skate night. I swear it was the dopest mack song of all time. Just smooth. I knew all the words, still do. “I wanna be down” (Brandy) and “Creep”  (TLC) were skate bangers too!

#illAlwaysRemember TLC “Waterfalls” video. It took me a couple years to figure out what 3 letters” took dude to his final resting place, but luckily for me, this song was #1 on the countdown for a couple years so I had time to figure it out! TLC was the first compact disc I ever owned. The effects of growing up around all women. SMH!

THESE are the albums that affected me the most in 1994. #Lifestyle