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At 11 years old, I was entering the 6th grade at Vernon Johns middle school in Petersburg, Virginia. I was living in Walnut Hill with my grandparents and my love for music was continually growing. To this point my childhood had been far from traditional. Artists and their music were a guiding light for me. I tried to include myself in the rap culture and I imitated things that I saw rappers do. For better or worse, they were the role models I had at the time. I literally grew up with and because of music.

#illAlwaysRemember the Puff Daddy poster my grandmother bought for me. 1997 was the year that the Bad Boy movement was soo crazy! Biggie, Mase, Shyne, Lil Kim, Faith, G-Dep, and Lox too! It felt like everyone wanted to be in Bad Boy. I bought all the albums and kept that Puff Daddy poster on my wall all the way through college. Diddy’s work ethic is certainly something I identify with. On everything Cant Nobody Hold Me!!! That poster gave me a role model.

#illAlwaysRemember Wu-Tang and trying to memorize the names of all the group members. It was 10 of them, right? All I remember is that my favorites were Ghostface and Method Man. When the song “Triumph” came on, everybody knew the drop… I BOMB ATOMICALLY, SOCRATES PHILOSOPHIES AND HYPOTHESIS!!  but those the only words anybody knew. It got real complicated after that.

#illAlwaysRemember R.Kelly’s I believe I can fly. That honestly might be one of the best songs of that decade. I ain’t gonna say I cried but It’s one song that can make a tough guy misty eyed lol.  The Space Jam movie set the tone for a classic soundtrack! If you grew up in the 90’s you just know what it is.

These are my favorite albums from 1997 #Lifestyle