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“I had a good time at West Hollywood’s local breakfast joint. Seemed like one of those places where everybody knows your name. They own a menu for all meals and breakfast was what the doctor ordered.” – Johnny

Pictured: “The Yank” Classic Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Potatoes, Toast and Cereal.

Village Idiot – LA

we ain’t fancy.

with a name like the village idiot, it’s hard to take ourselves too seriously, and we’re okay with that.  yes we are a restaurant with a silly name…but we’ve never been much for formalities.  we just do what we think is right.

we ain’t fussy.

from the get-go, we’ve worked to maintain the kind of place that we, as neighbors, would want to go.  a true community house where the highest quality food and drink is backed by an honest handshake, a familiar face and a square deal. our fare, like our friends, may vary in class but never in strength of character.

we ain’t finished.

since we opened on melrose in 2007, our business has continued to grow and shape itself around the relationships we’ve forged with our neighbors and all those who pass through our doors.  taking nothing for granted, we see every day as a new opportunity to earn your trust.  not so silly after all.

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7383 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046