#FOL Pt31 ABC Studios

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The #FruitsOfLabor Story Pt31 – ABC Studios

At the top of 2014 I was journeying the East Coast gathering interviews for the soon to come #ShineHard Project. As I browsed through my network and brainstormed on people to talk to, I remembered that a good friend of mine has a very impactful position with ABC in Richmond. I reached out to Ava-Joye Burnett, a leading news anchor for the channel 8 news. I told her about the project and we set up a day to meet at the studio. Although the studio is located down the street from where I used to live, I had never actually been inside to see where all the magic happens. I was looking forward to it.

About a week later I arrived at the WRIC 8 studio with my head on a swivel. Ava-joye greeted me with a warm embrace and a smile as we entered the building. Ava-joye, the youngest anchor at WRIC, is a skillful host. She gave a behind the scenes tour of the newsroom and introduced me to a few weekend producers along the way. She sat me down in the audio room while she did her drops for the broadcast that evening. Her “news caster” voice is one of a kind. We chatted about goals and visions for the future as she and her Meteorologist did makeup before going “On Air.” Time flew by and next thing I knew I was sitting on set live during the 6 o’clock news. I realized first hand that live television is a one shot deal to get it all right, i.e. A lot of pressure! Ava-joye articulated flawlessly and executed like a true professional. I was impressed and appreciative for the experience! We took pictures and did some Q&A on camera. As I sat at the news desk under the bright lights, I smiled to myself because I realized this project would be the beginning of a very exciting journey for me. And ever since then, this experience has been a blur! #ShineHard has opened some pretty cool doors for me and I gratefully remember the ABC studios as Door #1.