#FOL Pt 17 – All-Star 2011: Los Angeles

The #FruitsOfLabr Story Pt 17 – LA All-Star Weekend

The Nike iD trip ended February in Los Angeles. I flew back to Chicago for a week and corresponded with my mentor about working the 2011 All-Star Weekend. I got offered the position as a Jordan Brand Flight Ambassador for what all-star LA was being called, Los Fearless. A few days later I hopped on the plane back to LA. The night before the event launched there was a scheduled team meeting at the London Hotel in West Hollywood. The lobby by itself had “Plush” written all over it. Me, being the “sucker for swank” that I am, this meeting and trip was starting off on the right foot! I made my way up to the suite and soon thereafter we got down to business. The meeting consisted of product briefing and an overview of the whole project. The activation was focused on pushing the new Jordan 2011 shoe that had just released. There were going to be four host locations in the city and I would be overseeing the Nike Store in Santa Monica. They issued our work gear and we all dispersed. This was my first time attending All-Star Weekend and I was glad to be there on a work related agenda.

The event was super busy and great experience. It lasted four days. This role gave me the opportunity to explore Los Angeles, educate people on the features and benefits of our product, and interact with a variety of cultures and consumers. I learned a ton and met some Nike reps that I still keep in contact with to this day. I also received positive feedback from the EKINs that came through our site. This work experience stretched my mind and locked my eyes onto higher heights with Nike.

The Finale was being able to attend Michael Jordan’s 48th Birthday/All-Star Party. It was held at a secluded mansion in Beverly Hills. We hopped on a shuttle and rode it deep into the neighborhood. The shuttle ride reminded me of the #BluLagoon with a far superior budget lol. During the short ride we passed some of the most unique and extravagant houses in all of LA. When we arrived, everyone unloaded and I approached the castle-like doors of this big white mansion. Again my “swank meter” was reading “Love This” and I think this was seriously the moment I realized that I could live in LA one day. I walked in, looked around, and smiled. “THIS is what life is supposed to be like I thought to myself. I grabbed a drink from the open bar and headed downstairs to find Trey Songz performing live. As I journeyed the basement, basically just touring the house for my own enjoyment, I walk into the bowling alley and see singer Mario goofing off with some drunk & hot girls. One girl forgot to let go of her ball and went half way down the lane. I took a picture. There were other athletes and entertainer hanging out as well. Carmelo and LaLa, Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union, other celebs too, Young and Old. I returned to my hotel that night with a sense of accomplishment. Not really sure what I had gained but I flew out of LA feeling greater than I arrived. It’s amazing what a rare experience can do for a twenty-five year old’s confidence. LA I’ll see you again soon.

Once the mind is stretched by new experience, it never returns to its old dimensions.