#FOL Pt 36 All-Star 2015: New York City

The #FruitsOfLabor Story Pt36 – New York All-Star Weekend 2015

I arrived in Manhattan on one of the coldest days in New York City history. It was a legit 9 degrees, but it felt more like a below zero frozen tundra. I brought football gloves and a thin hoodie trying to stay light. I should have checked the weather! I mean, it was so cold that it hurt your life! Nonetheless, the frigid weather wasn’t going to stop the two-headed monster that was All-Star weekend & New York Fashion week. My first stop was to Brooklyn to drop my bags with my brother Korey. On the way there, I stopped by the Barclay’s center to check out the weekend set up. Barclay’s would soon be the host of the celebrity game, skills challenges, and the 2015 dunk contest. The venue was dope! Next, I hopped back on the train towards Manhattan. Midtown to be exact.

I checked in at this year’s Nike Activation, “Conquer All Courts,” as nothing more than a colleague showing support. The event was thoroughly planned and executed by Nike Brand Manager, and #ShineHardFamily member, Chad Easterling. I was definitely impressed by the LED court and the on-going brand experiences throughout the activation. The event was noticeably a check point for many athletes and entertainers. As I noticed celebs like J.Cole, Common, the Gasol brothers, “The Beard,” James Harden and “The Brow,” Anthony Davis were all participating in the festivities. This, being my first year as a spectator, I used the free time to roam and catch up with colleagues from the west and mid-west regions. I was thrilled to chat with my homie April R. and the globally known Kristen W. I also got to rap with James for a few moments on the sidelines. These brief conversations in these exclusive moments mean a lot to me. I’ve always been a firm believer that they make a different in the long run. Overall, it was another impactful weekend in the books.

I closed out the weekend with some fashion week love. I did dinner at The Trump with my Social Media Director, Kristin D., and the next day at Park Avenue Tavern for brunch with the Fam. I stopped by the #FIENDS pop-up shop with Edwin J. and Rashad D. to browse gear and just show love. We snapped a few pics and I hopped on the bus back to a warmer climate! Goodbye Frozen Tundra! All-Star 2016 in Toronto

This is how it looked entering the Conquer All Courts Arena in New York City 2015. ↓


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