#FOL Pt 18 – Corporate Athletic Management

The #FruitsOfLabor Story Pt18 – Corporate Athletic Management

Once I returned home from  LA, It was back to reality; Sprint and business classes at Virginia State. My LA trip gave me a boost in confidence and refocused me on my search to lock down a job in the sports industry. The way I came across CAM was eerily similar to the way I got the job with Sprint; via My Twitter Timeline. I grew my brand and network during my travels with Nike iD through travel updates and pictures. I came across a retweet that read “If interested in a position with Corporate Athletic Management email your resume to…” So Boom, email sent! Social Media has served me well for many years now, we understand each other. Having gone to Hampton, I was familiar with Chesapeake native Alvin Keels and his success as a sports agent. At the time, he was best known for making Chiefs running back, Larry Johnson, the highest paid running back in the NFL in 2007. I knew working with him would be huge for my resume and industry acumen.

I corresponded with Daminca Moody to set up two rounds of interviews. For the first, I met up for Q&A and was required to submit a paper on a list of topics. I chose to write a segment titled, “Drive vs Talent”. For the second, We were asked to create a Non-Profit Program for CAM client, Marcus McNeil, and then present it to the staff via power point. This was one of the early opportunities I had to put my Writing and Public Speaking skills into action at the corporate level. I was given a very short deadline and there was a lot riding on my performance and execution. In 6 days, I came up with a program called “Mack’s Miracles” and I presented it with enthusiasm. I was elated when I was offered the position! I sat down with Alvin and he asked me “Are you sure you will be able to make it to Norfolk every week?” With no doubt or hesitation, I said “Definitely.”

The commute from Petersburg to Norfolk is a two hour trip. We decided that I would work in the office Tuesdays and Thursdays. I had class at VSU on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I also worked at Sprint Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. It was a rigorous back and forth schedule to say the least, and the internship was unpaid. Didn’t matter to me. I figured the experience and relationships would prove more valuable than the money. Sometimes, It takes courage to invest in yourself because you just don’t know exactly what or when the pay off will beLuckily, I still had a few close friends at HU that allowed me to crash and catch my breath between commutes. Working at CAM was right up my alley; Statistical research, recruiting, client services, and sports talk. I became very familiar with the ESPN Top 100 and Microsoft Excel. My two most memorable experiences with CAM were; 1 Helping Alvin sign Kam Chancellor of the Seattle Seahawks. I worked along side Corey Mrozinski to create the presentation materials and we got to sit in on the interview for support. We also assisted Kam in creating his Annual Memorial Day cookout in Norfolk. 2 The CAM Celebrity Weekend was broadening. The exclusive pool party and invite only networking were unforgettable. I stuck to the CAM schedule for over a year and absorbed everything that I could before I moved on. I inherited some very savvy skills from my efforts as a sports agent. From the overall experience, my discipline was elevated to new heights.

For the money or for the maturation, There really is no length I won’t go to be successful. I made a Sound Investment.