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Corporate Marketing & Promotions – #GrindHard

My aim is to spark development and create a visible path toward success for everyone I work with. One of the best ways to do this is to step into other people’s shoes and imagine challenges from their perspective. I believe this strategy will help anyone become a great educator and also a great leader.

I returned to Hampton University to speak with Dr. Ralph Charlton’s management students. The classroom was on the 5th floor of the William Harvey Library. Corporate Marketing and Sports Promotions were the classes. The current class project was for students to create, manage, and market their own blog or website. They were graded by site views and post consistency. An appropriate criteria I would say. Clearly website management was a topic that I’d been wrapping my mind around for the last 6 months so I had plenty of fresh #Food4Thought and growth strategies for them to chew on. The students that take this project seriously will have a gained a valuable skill for the technology driven future. 

Outside of website management, I touched on topics like the Heritage of Nike Inc., Social Media Branding, and the importance of internships in the career search. I fielded questions and had a giveaways items for those who knew their Nike Trivia. The whole experience was fun and interactive! I extended my contact info to the classes and I have received emails from quite a few of them. Dr. Charlton has already invited me back for next semester. My Message of the Day: Never assume that people think of you the way you think of yourself

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