#FOL Pt9: Culture Shock

The #FruitsOfLabor Story Pt9 –  Culture Shock

   On every new level you gotta start from the bottom. My Freshmen year at HU was tough! A barrage of unexpected rules, Track practices were brutal, and as a raw kid from the lower-middle class I just didn’t fit in. The majority of my freshmen year(and I mean 80% of the time) was spent in the Cafe, on the Track, or in the Dorm playing Video Games with my team. My most social hours were in class where I was easily distracted by the abundance of beautiful women that high school had not prepared me for. You ever seen a Kid in a candy store? Yeah… him. But believe it or not,  I rarely broke the ice. I guess I felt like I didn’t have the look or the refined approach to charm the caliber of woman that my taste desired just yet. Which may or may not have been true. But it is said we must dress for the job that we want, the same goes for attracting the type of people that we’d like to be around.  Needless to say, it was going to take me some time to adjust to this Hamptonian way of life.

    Being a Full-Time Athlete, I really didn’t have time to worry about social dilemmas anyway. I had list full of goals that I came to accomplish. Although practice was like punishment, the track and weight room were an escape for me. I felt like I fit in there. Probably because most of my teammates were broke and awkward just like me lol! We also shared being extremely talented and super competitive. This new Track Life was fun! 

    After a grueling first semester of conditioning and an underachieving indoor season the whole team was hungry for an Outdoor Championship. The 2004 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference(MEAC) Championships were held in Orlando, FL. We came in picked as the favorite to win slightly ahead of our rival Florida A&M. In this particular meet, I competed in the Long Jump, Triple Jump, and The Decathlon. I scored a few points early and left the rest up to my teammates. The entire meet came down to the last event, the 4x4oo meter relay. The whole stadium was on its feet when our anchor leg crossed the finish line in second place. Shock… minutes later its announced that we’d done just enough to win! If you read #FOL Pt7: Signing Day  you remember my 4 factors. Another dream turned into reality. I returned to that social jungle feeling like a Champion. Reminded me that I had been one all along.

The best day was when the Rings came… 


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