Delaware Valley Charter High School

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Delaware Valley Charter High School – Career Day
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   When I received an email from fellow Hamptonian, Jabari Adams, inviting me to speak to his 12th grade students for Career Day I was happy to oblige. When I stepped into Delaware Valley Charter High School I set my phone and keys down into the tray and breezed through the metal detector. I understood quickly that this was probably one of the rougher areas of Philadelphia. My enthusiasm was only heightened. I checked in and met the other speakers in the cafeteria for a brief meeting. Next, we broke off into sections. 
   When we entered the classroom I started by introducing myself and my co-speaker Melanie White. Then we dove straight into the fun stuff. I conversed with the young men and women touching on multiple topics. Including College plans, Entrepreneurship, Goal Setting, and the 4 C’s to Success. The boys knew everything Nike & The girls knew everything Fashion. Their uncut candor was 100% hilarious! I enjoyed every moment. As class ended we took a few group pictures and many of them told me “You better tag me on instagram!” and “You better follow back!”. Lol Young and old, social media is That Serious.
My Message of the Day was:  The 4 C’s to Success. Ill share them with you too.
  • Clarity – Definiteness of purpose. You have to know what you want. You have to be able to see it in your mind. Write down your goals in detail and see yourself achieving them. Before anyone else can see it – YOU have to
  • Commitment – There’s a quote “Interest vs Commitment” – Interest is doing something only when it’s convenient for you. Commitment is accepting no excuses; only results. May be good results may be bad results but you’re going to take action and get results. The single most identifiable quality in successful people is that they’re all intensely Action Oriented.
  • Consistency– Once you’ve committed to take action, you have got to find the discipline to do things every single day. Little things make Big things. Did you know Every great success is just an accumulation of a thousand daily efforts that no one sees or appreciates? well guess what? its true! and trust me its worth it!
  • Courage – Courage to seize opportunity. The Courage to stand up against rejection and failure. Courage to do things alone, without your friends, and despite what other people say or think. EVERYTHING you want is on the other side of fear. Choose Courage.

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