Why is Failure important?


Failure is the right of passage to success.

Figuring out who we are will always be a process of Trial & Error. Especially as we go in search of our purpose. We are going to pursue a plethora of things in hopes of finding this purpose. Unfortunately, most of these pursuits will end up rejected or defected. As there are only a few specific things that are truly meant for YOU.

The Biggest Bout of your Future is upon you.

  • In one corner, Failure is a hard hitter. Failure will embarrass you and hurt your feelings. Failure will hit you when you’re not looking and kick you while you’re down. Failure is a beast and (s)he shows no bias. BUT If you ever want to be great at anything you will have to step in the ring with failure, Mano y Mano.
  • In the other cornerSuccess is deceptive. People will see success and be oblivious to the failures that preceded it. No one really knows how many times you heard the word “No”, how many times you didn’t get the Job, nor how many times you made costly mistakes in your life. But they will easily take notice of your progress and accolades. In defense, most of us don’t blast our failures for others to see. Those wounded moments are personal. They expose us and make us vulnerable. We don’t share out of pain or pride. Ego contributes to the deception of success.

Perhaps it’s just our childlike nature to glorify the triumph and not waste time imagining the struggle dues. I do strongly encourage that we focus on the good of man and use the success of others as motivation for our own endeavors. It’s just vital to know that “failure” exists, that we must face him, and that you must USE him. Failure instills the toughness and character required to achieve greatness. The more you fail the tougher and wiser you get. You just gotta keep going. Failure is a road block not a destination. Truth is, you are meant to succeed in your purpose. We all are! The trick is to endure through your search long enough to find that purpose.

I take back what I said, Failure is Not the right of passage for success. Defeating Failure is.

This video will help illustrate my point. –↓



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