#FOL Pt 38 #ShineHardFamily Business

The #FruitsOfLabor Story Pt38 – #ShineHardFamily Business

In 2012, I confided with my friend Edwin Jones about forming a mastermind group. I analyzed the idea for a while and organized things on a smaller scale, but internally the magnitude of the vision was never quite fulfilled. I tabled the idea until late 2013 when I was struck with an idea that would exceed all expectations; A website focused around young modern day super heros. Thus the #ShineHard project began…

The interview series had a goal to educate people on different career paths and inspire them to pursue their dreams. The audience grew quickly and the project received rave reviews! As season 1 came to a close, I candidly realized that here lied the components to the powerful network I’d been contemplating. It was time to synergize.

The first thing I did to kick-off 2015 was create opportunities to sit down with the members in each residing city: Richmond, Hampton Roads, DC, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta. These meetings were called The#ShineHardFamily Dinner series. The dates were set and my team created the invitations. The goal of the meetings was to explain the need for and benefits of a network of this caliber. I needed to create buy-in from the members and brainstorm ideas to ensure the family would flourish. After six weeks of dinners the vision was unified! We recently launched the #ShineHardFamilyNews and are literally days away from #ShineHard Season 2.

Today, The #ShineHard Family is a network comprised of young professionals and entrepreneurs of color. A passionate group of influencers working together to impact their respective communities and change the world. It’s exciting to grow and work with so many amazing people. Furthermore, being able to connect them and serve as a catalyst for their future success is even more gratifying. We’re a movement by ourselves, but the fam is a force when we’re together. We have a number of game-changing events on the calendar. I hope the world is ready. I’m excited to see how far this vision will go. The @ShineHardFamily.



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