#FOL Pt 24 – Father Time

The #FruitsOfLabor Story Pt 24 – Father Time

When I returned back from Houston, I found myself living in Midlothian, Virginia with my Father. This time was significant to me because my father and I hadn’t spent a lot of time together since I was a kid. I literally hadn’t lived with him since I was six years old and at this point in the story I was 25. My dad retired from the military many years before this, but he was just now able to settle down and relax. For me, much of this time can be explained in the Mind entry of the #TheJournal. I was busy on the grind looking to build my resume and transition to the next level of my career. I wasn’t certain, but I was aware that my next job could take me anywhere. I realized these months were a gift. It was unlikely that I would get this time of down time to spend every day with my dad. I really cherished and enjoyed it. It’s said, “you never really know someone until you live with them,” and I believe this to be true. We got to know each other as two grown men and I respect my pops a lot for being the type of person he is. Although he was not there for a long time, he definitely came through when I needed him. Everything worked out right on time. My dad now owns a house back in his hometown of Petersburg, Va. and I go back to visit him often. I guess life has a funny way of circling back. The best thing about “Father Time” is that my dad became one of my best friends.


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