#FOL Pt4: The Golden Joy

The #FruitsOfLabor Story Pt4 – The Golden Joy (State Championships)

2003 Virginia Indoor State Championships. Fairfax, Va. After a long impactful season, I was seen by many as the best jumper in the state of Virginia. But anyone can argue who’s best. It was up to me to prove it.  By this point in my career I was eager do so. I had accepted being beaten on this stage before, but this year would have offered me No logical excuses.  

 I left school early that day in route to Fairfax. “Today is The Big Day” I thought to myself. I wanted my name in the VA Record Books. Up to this point in my season, everything had gone as planned. District Champ , Regional Champ There was only 2 things left to Accomplish; State and National. On the ride up i95 North I felt anxious and nervous imagining myself jumping further than I’d ever jumped before. When we arrived I got very excited seeing all the other state competitors warming up and focused. This was the best of the best all on one track. It inspired me! As I warmed up I said a quick prayer grateful for my championship. In my mind I had won it before the season ever started.

Momentum is real. My First Jump is all it took.
One of the Best days of my life to that point. Anyone who played or followed High School sports knows how difficult it is to win a State Championship, and anyone who’s ever Won one knows how exhilarating it is. In high school THIS was my ultimate Goal. Not chasing a girl, Not being “Popular”. THIS is what woke me up in the morning. THIS is what kept me out of trouble. And On THIS day, 17 years old, I Real Life’d that Dream, Twice. Champion in the Long Jump AND Triple Jump. State Double.

“Like attracts Like” and for some people, achieving high level success can become an addictive habit. I had a feeling greater things would happen for me if I could just capture the Golden Joy. Gratefully, greater things have…