#FOL Pt34 Revolt TV: LA

The #FruitsOfLabor Story pt34 –  Revolt TV + ESPN Los Angeles

  After many months of  running the #ShineHard project, I was on the move again. I was scheduled for a trip to LA to interview actress, Javicia Leslie. A couple weeks prior I interviewed Staci Smith, the HR Sr. Director for Revolt TV. Considering Revolt’s home office is in LA, I figured I would drop in and say hello to Staci while I was in town. Unfortunately, she was traveling that weekend, but she connected me with a colleague that was happy to show me around the office. So the Revolt tour was set. While I had this in mind, I also remembered that a frat brother of mine worked for ESPN in LA and had been encouraging me to check out the studio for years. I decided this would be the weekend that I took him up on his offer.

When the day started I grabbed breakfast in West Hollywood then headed over Revolt to scope the office and studio. When I arrived, I was greeted by two beautiful hosts and bumped into a HamptonU classmate of mine, Chris Roy. We ventured through the halls of the building and even across the street to check out the stage and soundboards. It was a dope experience and I was impressed that the majority of the staff was in their 20’s. When I left Revolt I hopped on the 10 towards LA Live downtown. I walked into the ESPN Studio and was greeted by my bro. Devin Hodge

We cleared security and took a peak on the set of SportsCenter and SportsNation. He showed me the digital ops, behind the scenes and introduced me to a some of the crew members. The office there is huge, but I was able to digest a lot in a brief hour. I concluded the day in a meeting at the Nike office with my man Jian, and then a night at the Staples Center to see the Lakers host the Spurs. All in all is was just a Good Ass Day in LA.  I’m creating that job I don’t need a vacation from. That career where people can’t tell whether it’s work or play. I can proudly say, when hard work turns to blessings, that’s the true meaning of #FruitsOfLabor.