Gumption: Is it in you?

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Gumption – [guhmp-shuh n] – initiative; aggressiveness; resourcefulness

It sometimes amazes me how so many people want to do things professionally, but haven’t yet started doing them. Most philosophies of success are very simple but they are referred to as “secrets” because not many people use them. Although, I do understand this. It’s even taken me many years of study and practice to completely grasp the things I recognize now. It’s possible to see a machine being operated right in front of you but still not understand the mechanics of the operator. Does that make sense? I would like to let you in on one of the leading secrets to success. Are you ready? say “Yes!

OK, This is the first step… Gumption is doing the work that you wish to be doing. Somehow, Someway, in some shape, form, or fashion; START DOING IT NOW. Do Not wait to be hired by that company that has never heard of you. Do Not wait to be paid lucratively or even paid at all. Do Not wait on your friend/business partner to do x,y, and z before you do A,B, and C! It’s important to know that Success is not the result of making money, but making money is the result of success. To break it down “You aint gettin’ paid until you do something that is worth getting paid for.” Find a way to serve and have your work readily available to be seen or sent at any given moment; That’s Gumption.


  • Want to work for a corporation? An Employment Strategy: Say you’re a digital artist that wants to design shirts for a certain company. Design 3 shirts for that company! Create a portfolio. Create a portfolio for every company you would like to work for. Perfect them. Figure out who you need to email and send your portfolios to each of those companies. If your work is good, I guarantee you get an email or a call back faster then any regular online applicant; That’s Gumption.
  • Are you an entrepreneur? A Start-up strategy: To start, you must feel passionately about your vision. If not, it will be a huge challenge to maintain the long hours and consistency necessary to grow a business. But if and when you have found your Passion; Think BIG but start small. Create a checklist (Or have a branding consultant create one for you). Read 5 little things that make you more productive. The start-up work will be pure sweat equity, but progress is a huge motivator. Put your head down and work your plan for 3 months. When you look up; That’s Gumption.

Add Gumption to your philosophy and you just never know where your ideas will take you… MUST WATCH!


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