Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (HU)


HU Student-Athlete Advisory Committee – #GrindHard

Sharing experience and offering guidance to our youth is an investment that repays 3-fold

I corresponded with LaNea Winston, the Hampton University Coordinator of Athletic Academic Support. Ms. Winston has been guiding student-athletes since I was back at Hampton from 2003-2008. It was great hearing from her! Proud to see that she has grown with the university and is still making a huge impact in the athletic department. 

The SAAC Panel event is designed for former Hampton U. athletes to return and speak to current student-athletes about experiences post grad. The SAAC event gives alums the stage to give knowledge from a first hand perspective. I think the whole event is very rewarding. It was held in the McGrew Towers banquet room. I arrived with an old track teammate of mine who was also invited to speak. We greeted the other panelists and caught up on current career paths. Happy to see classmates doing well.. 

The students were ushered in and got seated. We introduced ourselves and the host began with Questions. Some of the inquiries were “What did you do to balance sports and study?”, “If you could go back, what would you do differently?” “What do college students need to know about being a professional?” All the panelists shared personal experience and insights. I think I saw some light bulbs flash on while we were there. Seated were over 100 young people with a bright future in sports and life. My message of the day was: You cant cheat the Grind. It knows what you’ve done. It knows the work you’ve put in. The Grind isn’t created to give you what you want, The Grind will only give you what you Deserve. #GrindHard

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