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A few month’s ago I was hit with an undeniable urge to serve. Having navigated though such a rigorous professional journey to obtain my job with Nike, while at the same time, reading countless books on personal development and leadership. I felt like my studies and experiences had positioned me in a place of authentic and useful insight. I believe that sharing the lessons of my journey are a very relevant way to give back to young people. So I hopped on LinkedIn and reached out to my favorite undergrad professor, Dr. Ralph Charlton. Ironically, he had mentioned a guest visit months before, but this time I was compelled and self-motivated.

When I arrived on campus I parked behind the athletic building Holland Hall. I stopped in Holland to say “what up” to a few of the coaches and then I made my way over to the Harvey Library. As I walked into the empty lecture hall, I noticed Dr. Charlton quietly setting up the projector to my LinkedIn page. We greeted proudly then caught up on classmates, websites, and ideas. He’s a great guy to talk to because you know he’s always going to keep it real! The students started to stroll in and I focused in on my purpose. The class sat about 15 attentive seniors; I introduced myself.

I was prepared and I was eager to address the outline I’d created. This particular outline was titled “How to get ahead in the competitive industry of Sports.” I broke down four topics into three bullet points. The topics I touched on were 1. Networking, 2. Gaining Experience, 3. Adding Value, and 4. Be a Brand (Contact me if you’d like to know the 12 Bullets). During and after the lecture I answered questions from Dr. Charlton and a few of the students. I enjoy conversation style lectures so I incorporate questions for my listeners and I encourage them to query as well. Undoubtedly, the session went great. I shared my business card and email with those that requested. That urge to serve had been fulfilled, and had simultaneously grown greater. Ill share with you the 1st bullet point since it was The message of the day…

1. Networking

Definiteness of Purpose — “Keep your purpose in mind, Always!” #GrindHard

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