#FOL Pt 39 Howard Law Conference

The #FruitsOfLabor Story Pt39 – Howard Law Conference

Attending the 19th Annual Center Court Conference was fun and very informative. The conference is geared towards law students looking to get into Sports & Entertainment industries. I enjoyed the discussions because the topics were extremely relevant to today’s culture and the apps that I use. The panels were seated by seasoned industry professionals  It was even more entertaining because my friend|#Shine brother, Chris Coy, was speaking on the sports panels.

I arrived during the entertainment panel. The conversation was focused on the competitive landscape of the world’s largest music streaming platforms. Jay-z had just launched underdog platform “Tidal” and the debates were how Jay-Z would gain a competitive advantage against leading Spotify and Pandora. With Jay charging users 19.99[versus spotify 9.99] and claiming to only add a higher sound quality to the music, I’m not sure there’s enough leverage there to move people. I’m a spotify user and I’m comfortable here.

Other questions were: “Do music artists career have a shelf life? How do seasoned artists compete with young artists? Lita Rosario made a point, “It’s not about taking fans from new artists, it’s about cultivating your current fans. The evolution of yourself and your music. Recreating past success is a gift from God.” Then were was Copyright issues. Do producers use sound from old records? Is that stealing? Artists like Kanye West and Robin Thicke were mentioned. The differences were said to be in the Progressions, the cords, and the sounds.

After the networking intermission, we resumed with the sports side of things. It was interesting to hear multiple perspectives as the collegiate side and the pro athlete side was both represented on the panel. The discussions were centered on college compliance with new and old NCAA regulations. Then the focus shifted to agent compliance with student-athletes transitioning into professional athlete prospective. Chris touched on the approach to athlete representation and creating deals. He said, “The approach to negotiating contracts is all about finding and creating leverage.” When the topics of social media and online presence were brought up, the whole panel agreed that in this digital era “Content is king.”

Good time at this event. I had three takeaways; 1. Relevant insight on two industries I am very involved in. 2. Great networking with current and future attorneys. 3. I realized that it is time for me to create a few panels of my own. Chris, thanks for the invite.


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