#FOL Pt2: In Living Color

The #FruitsOfLabor Story pt2 – In Living Color

It’s funny, In High School I underachieved in the classroom because I always knew I was sharp. I felt like I didn’t need homework to prove that. My self-doubt came from how good I was athletically. People began to hype me, but even with a School Record (1 at that time), I was still uncertain. “Do I deserve this? Am I that much better than anyone else? I don’t feel different.” Impostor Syndrome.

The game changed when I received my first college recruiting letter from the Kansas Jayhawks. That was the moment I began to see my Goals in “Color.” I realized 1. that the world was watching. 2. that Track was my best shot at a scholarship.

From then on I went on a tear, starting first at the District Level: 9x Central District Champion, 3x Field Athlete of the Year, 1x Runner of the Year. I was once afraid of people saying ‘Who does he think he is? but one little note sparked the courage to say ‘This is who I am.