#FOL Pt5: Key to the City

The #FruitsOfLabor Story Pt5 – Key to the City

So winning the State Championship created a little buzz in the area. I was the first state champion from Colonial Heights in 20 years. My principal called me to the office a few days after i’d won and handed me a letter. The letter said that I was to be recognized by city council and will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement. Later that week the Mayor, J. Chris Kollman, came to the School and presented me with a Plaque. We took pictures in the Library and I took a few pics for the Newspaper. I accepted that document like a Key to the City. I’ve never been one to Brag and I never will be. But ive read that there’s a way to Toot your horn without Blowing it. Before I knew what I was doing, this experience taught me how to accept praise with humility.

I’ve had this plaque stored in an old box for years now. The other day I pulled it out, dusted it off, and was proud to have received it. It didn’t mean much to me in 2003 but I now consider it a keepsake. Not sure how many people really get these things, but hey maybe one day my kids will think its cool. Maybe they’ll strive for one too. 

Nothing Succeeds like Success. #GrindHard


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