#FOL Pt 25 – Nike Brand Coordinator

The #FruitsOfLabor Story Pt25 – Nike Brand Coordinator

2012-2013 was a year of soul searching and self-reflection. It wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned for myself a year after finishing graduate school. I had been on a brief sabbatical and was building up a fury for my next big surge. In May 2013, I was determined to Re-#Focus my passion for success and never look back. I was chosen to work as the Nike Brand Coordinator for the Dick’s Sporting Goods stores in the Richmond Area. Admittedly, this was not my first choice positionally, but when it came to working for the swoosh I had always been open minded.

In this role, I was solely in charge of operating a Tier 1 Nike Account in a 20 million dollar door. I constructed and merchandised Nike Shops through execution of World Head Quarters game plans. This position taught me a lot about the apparel side of the business and having it all on my shoulders I had to learn quickly. When I started here, my plan was to use this opportunity as a stepping stone to my next move within the company. I learned as much as I could, stayed connected to the right people, and within a few months my next move came calling.

Aside from the work, I learned a lot about People. I was reminded that people will quickly overlook and underestimate you. Automatically assume that you are just like them or worse,  just like the rest. For this reason, I didn’t speak much while I was here. Mostly just business. I kept my thoughts and plans to myself. I knew my actions would speak louder than anything I could explain or voice verbally. I did however acquire a couple great friends while I was working here. We definitely shared a few laughs (SH AS SB). Friends I still stay connected with today. I really appreciate them, because although they had no idea where I came from or where I was going, we’ve stay connected long enough for us to see each others progression. In two short years, there is definitely an enhanced respect. For anyone that has ever known me I just hope to be a living example of the figurative quote “Don’t Sleep.” (Never Underestimate Someone). The day before I left I saw two Praying Mantis. “Good fortune ahead?” I wondered.

Today makes 16 months since I was the NBC. Today may be the first day I looked back.


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