Passion Is The New Money


“Thanks to online platforms, it is now possible for anyone to transform a passion and hobby into a lucrative

career.”Elizabeth Segran

How many years have you heard our elders say, ‘time is money?’ Well, in this generation of creating your own jobs, that statement is sadly mistaken. We acquire money, but at what cost? Time, which has limits or endless Passion?

Passion is changing the idea of corporate mentality. You’re taught to get the education and gain the experience to achieve success. That formula has since been modified as Passion acts as the active ingredient. Passion is what pushes you to attain multiple degrees, Passion is what fuels you to start-up a business, give back to your community and change lives. If and only if you don’t believe anything I speak of. And you truly believe in the corporate realm of success, I have no quarrel with that. But know this. That company you’re trying to reach out to wants you to eat, sleep and breathe all that they are. They need soldiers, who are loyal and selfless in their actions. Ready to take the company to the next level.

As you see, Passion is still the main component that enhances your education or experience. It also, shows true character. Passion does come with a price. Anything worth having is worth the long hours, sleepless nights and effort. It’s all a matter of willing to put yourself out there and take risks. Networking is one of the best methods to getting noticed and getting your foot in the door. I went to an event Wednesday night about Success in Real Estate, but I didn’t go because I had an interest in Real Estate. I went to get quick tips on how to successfully run your own business.

I gained the knowledge of three major setbacks that applies to any passion forward individual.

1. Lack of knowledge:

not taking the time to master your craft; which includes, extensive research, networking, and practice.

2. Lack of Money/Credit:

not having the means to start up the business or the tools to get it out on the market.

3. Negative Influence:

people telling you your passion is unattainable, you’re too young and it doesn’t make sense.


Passion can carry you as far as your drive steers it. Take a step back and appreciate the tools, technology and connections we are given to succeed. Passion is in fact the new money.

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