Passion is NOT a skill

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The day you went from undecided to determined. “One day everything just clicked.” Have you ever experienced passion? What a euphoric state of being, an indescribable emotion. When passion enters your body it’s an injection of an invigorating substance. Not tangible, yet passion can spawn nonexistent things into reality.

Passion is NOT a skill. It’s not something you can learn, practice, or teach. It’s not so much something you find, it’s more so something that finds you. But the fulfilling thing about life is that what you seek is seeking you. A person with passion is unstoppable. Your willpower transmutes into determination and discipline. Mentally, you become stronger than your peers because your desire to achieve becomes greater than your fear of losing. Passion goes longer, harder, and it makes no excuses.


When passion finds you it will speak to you. It will “call” you every day until you answer. Your passion wants you to come out and play. It wants you to indulge in it’s energy. You see, passion will keep you up all night and make you forget to eat. Passion is the cousin to adrenaline and the twin brother of obsession. Passion will have you driving for miles in pursuit.

Adversely, it’s risky to pursue your passion because your passion is not always safe nor traditional. It’s uniquely tailored just for you. Your family may tell you to “play it safe.” People you know may not understand if they never felt your passion. Many people don’t understand the lifestyle of pursuing a passion because they never chased theirs. Although, this should never stop you.

There’s a thin line between genius and insanity. Aristotle said, “No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.” Passion is the fuel that drives us to our dreams. Talent is what you possess but passion is what possesses you. When successful people are tired and stressed out, we use Passion to kick home and win. This video will illustrate the results of Passion — ↓


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