#FOL Pt7: Signing Day

The #FruitsOfLabor Story Pt 7 – Signing Day

  Once the season was in full swing signing day came quick! The whole decision process was a blur. The best part about being recruited was all the VIP travel and treatment! The NCAA clearing house allowed High School athletes to take 5 College visits. I used all 5! I took a look at North Carolina, Maryland, VMI, LaSalle, and Hampton. I remember each and every trip vividly to this day. Each unique experience was unforgettable and the LaSalle visit was explicitly hilarious. I cant tell you here, but reach out to me and ill tell you the story!

When I made my decision for school I considered 4 Factors:

1. Experience. I wanted my college life to be Fun and my degree to be meaningful

2. Winning. I wanted to win individually and win a Team Championship Ring

3. Location. I wanted to stay remotely close to home, 3-4 hours max

4. Money. I wanted a Full Scholarship

  Hampton met all my requirements. A Prestigious University, the current and incoming track team was of championship pedigree, the money was right, and my current girlfriend was happy that I was only 2 hours away. My high school coach, Travis Ridley, is Hampton Alum so he put the HU bug in my ear early. I met the Men’s track coach, David Boyd, a couple times throughout the season. He talked a lot of trash(in an encouraging way) and he was funny with it. Not to mention he was a former Long Jumper himself. Coach Boyd had a unique approach to coaching but HU Men’s Track was winning so I figured he was doing something right.

  In my mind, I choose Hampton right after Districts when I heard many of my Central Region rivals would be attending HU as well. Our recruiting class was a Beast: VA State Champion Hurdler Terry Thornton, MD State Champion Hurdler Andrew Peresta, All-State Hurdler Denero Doles, All-State 400m Terrance Burton, All-State 400m Anthony Easter, All-State 200m Jacob Johnson, All-State Jumper Wade Townsend, and Myself. I didnt do extensive research when deciding, I just used 4 factors. I’m proud to say that choosing Hampton was one of the best decisions of my life. If I hadn’t of chose HU I would undoubtedly be a much different person than I am today. Signing Day was a conscious decision to move onward with my journey. I had no idea what Hampton had in store for me but I was Ready.

The first step to getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are. #GrindHard


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