The Overpowering endurance of champions

You know what I think is amazing? Like unbelievably rare? Like an overpowering endurance of champions? Like a gift from God sent from Heavens to Earth? It’s something anyone can do BUT could be nonexistent in the blink of an eye?


If someone were to ask you, “What makes you successful?” What would you say??

A bunch of super cool adjectives would flow through my mind, but the simplest, most fundamental answer for me would be that I am relentlessly consistent! Are you a consistent person? Consistency is so valuable because of the special attributes that are attached to it:

………. Reputation, Trust, Discipline, Decisiveness, Accountability, Will Power, Progress.

There is a threshold for improvement that is located outside of our comfort zone. A level of consistency that will always go beyond convenience and you MUST go there! It’s on you to make a choice and decide. Many people become irritable and daunted when they’re pushed to a higher level of consistency. WHY? Because

………. Growth is not Comfortable and it isn’t supposed to be.

As I’m writing this, a Will Smith interview comes to mind. Will mentions one of my favorite books and makes a treadmill reference that you really need to hear! You don’t have to be great to be consistent, but if you can just be consistent…

………… Consistency will make you Great.

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