The Natural [The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past]

The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past


An inside glimpse of three mysterious women from the past. Revealing how it went down & what was learned.

Inspired by Robert Greene’s Best Seller “The Art of Seduction.”

Creative Director: @GraffitiLyfeMovement

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Writer|Stylist: @JBsFood4Thought

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The Natural

The story of The Natural

The Natural was the sweetest girl I’d ever met. The type to do anything for the ones she loved. In this case it was me. Amongst other things we were like best friends. A factor which, at the time, I did not place enough value on. Nonetheless our connection was exceptional. We were drawn together through humor and intellect. The Natural’s approach was type friendly and her jargon was quite whimsy. The girl was stylishly clever and facetious with light effort. Never concerned with a title, she naturally cared more about the relationship itself. She respected my space and I respected hers. She allowed me the freedom a talented Sagittarius needs to flourish. Creatively, and often times, socially. I admired the natural for her consistency. Her energy was predominantly high and never too low. She instinctively charged up my stamina and away we would go. She took clear interest in my work and appreciated my craft. Her attention was golden, that support made it last. The Natural enjoyed the challenge of alleviating stress a la shrewder. Considering the weight of my restless pursuits I was probably regarded the “perfect suitor.” I could never decipher how she knew what I’d say, how we knew the same lyrics, how we grew the same way. But sadly, what cuts us the deepest is the thing we don’t know, the songs that drown spirit, and the pain we don’t show.

My heart was stitched on my sleeve, but there was a fantasy locked away deep in my mind. Unknown to her and I both, I was preoccupied with an ideal that was yet to exist. A fantasy girl that intuition conceived long before I ever met The Natural. You see, it was never her fault. The Natural never lacked what was needed and she never faltered trust. She simply lacked a criteria that was preemptively desired. I spent a chunk of quality time with The Natural, but she never received a fair chance. I made an erroneous move for all the right reasons so she never received a square dance. As time elapsed, the curb on progression was causing things to become stagnant. Our text messages became less frequent and there was a distance seeping in between us. The lack of communication allowed us to become distracted by other things, and also, other people. Weeks and months passed. The next thing you know we were on to our next thing. Our sodality had diminished, for the best it was over. The taste of the end was bitter sweet; Call it a close without closure.

Letter to The Natural

…Hey, Just reminiscing. Do you remember the happy hour when we met? I’m pretty sure it was a Thursday. How unlikely. That place definitely wasn’t my usual hangout. The way I recall it, we exchanged numbers.. No, actually it was BBM. For some reason  we fell silent for a while until the hotline started blingin’ lol. I found it amusing how you played it coy when I hit you up. You led the chase and I played along. I knew it was only a matter of time before you submit to the intrigue of our conversation. I suppose those of you from Venus call this strategy, “Playing hard to get.” But back on Mars, we call that, “Delaying the inevitable.” Lol but nah, it was always jokes and banter whenever we were together. You really are a trip. Even the first time we hung out was an unexpected adventure, wasn’t it? Who knew the party would turn up? I mean, I had a feeling we would hit it off, but no idea things would move so fast. Whenever I’m near campus, I still ride by the spot we used to go for $3 margaritas and jab about cleverest tweets. You had a few classic quotes but you didn’t want these #F4T problems. Kidding(not kidding). But yeah, you definitely inspired some of my best writing. I’ll give you that. Isn’t it crazy how Twitter is a dinosaur now?! I mean time really does fly. I hope after reading this you have a clear perspective on what was never said. I do appreciate you and all the things you did for me. I know I don’t have to tell you that, “No experience is in vein,” because that’s something you would say. But I will tell you the things I learned from you that I still use today…

Lessons from The Natural

What I learned from The Natural is that when the one your with takes a sincere interest in your passion it will truly elevate You. Most of my favorite leaders have supportive women by their side; Barack, Jay, Will Smith, Martin Luther King. That type of love can unlock a certain genius within you. It will elevate your confidence, your effort, and your overall purpose. It definitely did for me. My creativity was in superlative form during this time. The one whose passionate about your passion is a rare gift.

What I learned from The Natural is that it’s always better to be honest. Deception is hurtful. Granted, I was young and never went in with cruel intentions, my silence caused pain. I regret that. Once trust is damaged, reestablishing certainty can be borderline hopeless. Honesty can be tough for different reasons, but remember even a painful truth will preserve the trust of a loyal partner.

What I learned from The Natural is that friendship is a must. The quality of a friendship is determined by the emotional bank account. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all make withdrawals and deposits into the people around us. The ideal is two people that make meaningful deposits into the other’s bank account with ordinary everyday effort. If making small deposits is a task, chances are your relationship won’t last. Needless to say, a person who understands the currency of your emotional bank account, at the very least, will be a friend forever.

Kindred Spirits; Strong vibes from beginning to end. It’s no surprise to the story that The Natural and I are still friends.

 I do hope that you understand; I’m just a Student with a Message.

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