The Rogue [The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past II]

The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past II


 An inside glimpse of three mysterious women from the past. Revealing how it went down & what was learned.

Inspired by Robert Greene’s Best Seller “The Art of Seduction.”

Creative Director: @GraffitiLyfeMovement

Photographer: @AntUnltd 

Writer|Stylist: @JBsFood4Thought

Model: @_BeeDeee

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The Rogue

The Story of The Rogue

The Rogue was a dangerous crush. I should have known by the pretense in which we met that the situation would get dicey. It’s said, “The foundation you build upon will determine the trajectory of the whole relationship.” The Rouge was a friend of an old friend. We probably had no business being friends at all. The Rogue was drop dead gorgeous with an entrepreneurial spirit. We shared a taste for the finer things, so naturally we struck a refined conversation. The Rogue had a slick tongue and swagger to match. I could tell she was no stranger to negotiation. We gabbed over laughs and two epiphanies later, our “What if’s” turned into “We should’s” and we exchanged information. Admittedly, I had dual interests; befriending a hustler… and a grind that’s beyond occupation. The Rogue had a burning passion for fashion; designer this and designer that. You couldn’t catch her without a Kors watch, Louboutin heels, or a Eugenia Kim hat. She hid her starry eyes behind shades; Burberry’s to marinate the recipe. The Rogue brandishly sported an innocent smile and curvy accessories. Without saying a word, The Rogue could sway a devoted workaholic to take a long a vacation. And when she spoke, her accent induced the words, “pick a location.” …That revealing moment when a metaphor became a glaring reality. The Rogue and I grew very close after a few months of coffee dating and light travel, usually places she suggested. I created a terrible precedent of me picking up every tab. I subtlety sponsored expeditions and even bought rounds when her girls were around. It was never about the money until her reluctance to contribute began to create skepticism. I had a twisted notion that she was getting off on manipulation.

The Rogue was an artist, a seductive one. She paints a beautiful picture but never a happy ending. Preoccupied by my own bawdy agenda, I failed to notice that The Rogue is always looking for what others can do for her. Skillfully using her assets to finesse situations to her benefit. It wasn’t long until I discovered who The Rogue really was. Weeks later we’re together and I’m consecutively overhearing spiky phone conversations. Her lax comfort with me was exposing her true character. The Rogue was habitually bickering and falling out with close friends over petty disputes. I realized that many of her relationships were damaged, phony, or unhealthy. What puzzled me was that this troublesome behavior seemed casual to her. Dysfunctional in a way that, over time, she would just begin again as if the rift never existed. Why do we hurt the people that love us and love the people that hurt us? The Rogue carelessly exploits the good people in her life and subsequently falls victim to the more skillful schemers. My theory is that she’s dazed, mistreated by the allies of her past and directing retaliation towards all the wrong people; Coping with unexpected heartbreak through undeserved reparations. Or maybe she just felt entitled because of silver spoon she grew up with. I am uncertain of the issue’s origin, but I do know that Karma never loses an address. The only way to escape the entrapment of The Rogue is to cut all ties and burn the rope completely…

Letter to The Rogue

What up, so where are you now? The last time we spoke you were job hopping between New York and DC. I would ask how that’s going but I know how you get when people “ask questions.” Either way, I hope you’re doing well. I do admit, we shared a lot of good laughs and memories. Some of our best conversations came from brainstorming under clouds of hookah smoke. Shoot I wouldn’t know about all the dope spots if it wasn’t for you being a chimney. Shout out to you and your iron lungs. I remember when you told me about your mom’s success overseas. You had a fire in your belly like it was your responsibility to live up to that. I could tell you were a go-getter. A young hustla’ and I admired that about you. When you Facetime’d me from Europe, for a second there, it actually seemed like we were bonding. It’s hilarious how you tried to “co-worker zone” me at first. You said, “It’s because we initially met talking about business.” Lol please. I got promoted with a bonus as soon as the email said “305.”  Vacation time turned you up like a Dirty Chai Latte with double shots of expresso. What a surprise when we ran into each other on U. st. I actually felt bad for how things ended when you put that puppy dog look on your face. It’s a shame that I revert back to somewhat caring within a couple minutes of speaking to you smh. But in the third minute I got cold again. I reminded myself that there’s always a devilish grin behind your teary eyes, and it’s annoying because you probably think that’s funny. Why do you have so many concealed layers? Why do you store so much pain? If someone hurt you in the past that’s understandable. You could have said that, but you know how you refuse to admit it. I suppose I could have been more brusque in my behavior or more direct in my approach. I pray you don’t let ego detour you from being vulnerable and consistent. There were times when I saw myself with you and there were times when I saw the truth. I would glance into your eyes and I’d see your mind was preoccupied. I lent you my ear and your mouth was full of guile. I get it, a woman built like you has a hard time deciphering who’s intentions to trust. I just hate that you got caught up in the game of using others before they use you. Just know I’ll always wish the best for you and you did teach me a few things…

Lessons from The Rogue

What I learned from The Rogue is that every individual has their own unique value system. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Unfortunately, not all people will value you the same. Accept that fact, then refuse to use meaningful efforts on those who don’t value your time. I made the mistake of naively ignoring the obvious. All it takes is a little common sense and courage to keep it moving when the blasé is evident. Write this down: Somewhere, someone is looking for exactly what you have to offer.

What I learned from The Rogue is that it’s best to avoid the Unhappy and Unlucky. Have you ever noticed how toxic crowds have an organic way of attracting misfortune? This is the 10th Law in Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power.” It states that energy is contagious and emotional conditions are as infectious as diseases. I convinced myself that The Rogue was a nuisance because of outside turbulence. When in reality, The Rogue was overtly the root of her own affliction. You can try to be a hero, but if throw a rope to a stranded bandit he’ll only drag you down with him. After all, you’re only enabling the source of his problems; “another chance to get over.” Pay attention to people’s energy and be careful where you look for love.

What I learned from The Rogue is that you must teach people how to treat you. When you meet someone new, it’s your job to set precedence and establish boundaries. We tend to assume if we say “NO” too often that society won’t like us, but it’s actually very much the opposite. People will literally desire and respect you more for courage and self-control. You see, audacity and discipline are more magnetic than cater and courtesy. It’s ironic how that works, isn’t it? Do nice guys finish last? I don’t know, you tell me. I’m not saying the word “No” is the answer to every equation. I’m saying be a blessing but never a pushover.

You can’t microwave infatuation and call it the real thing. The Rogue’s expensive habits taught me a lesson in absence, Au revoir.

I do hope that you understand; I’m just a Student with a message.

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