The Siren [The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past]

The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past


An inside glimpse of three mysterious women from the past. Revealing how it went down & what was learned.

Inspired by Robert Greene’s Best Seller “The Art of Seduction.” 

Creative Director: @GraffitiLyfeMovement

Photographer: @AntUnltd 

Writer|Stylist: @JBsFood4Thought

Model: @Joeyycrackkk

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The Siren

The story of The Siren

The Siren’s past had left her emotionally unavailable. She’d been hurt, confused, and misunderstood. She believed in energy, but no longer in love. I saw it not my place to change that. As a younger man, I was in a state of exploration and discovery. I was creating my own persona and perhaps my lifestyle transmitted a sense of freedom that The Siren desired for herself. The Siren was a free-spirited rebel with a drive in places other than career. She was aggressive, yet elusive, relational bondage was the only thing she feared. If she wanted you she would initiate, if she didn’t, she was “busy.” We would meet in the city quite privy and keep our meetings real tactful. We had no mutual friends and kept the furtive rendezvouses free from concern of “who this might get back to.” The Siren confided her secrets insinuating that her past was a fallacy. She perceived me as an outlet, an escape from her stressful reality. I was driver and she was rider. We both were survivors and she was a ride or die, girl. Not much of a shy girl, she just loved to feel free. As a spiritual being she maneuvered guilt free. After her breakup, the next plan was to stay down, for a guy like me, except I couldn’t help but feel like I was merely a toy in her playground. We hung out in between destinations like monkey bars, not really sure who was the slide. Back and fourth, our efforts were teetered, but The Siren thought outside of the sandbox so our minds coincide.

On top of that, The Siren was an adventure waiting to happen. When I traveled for work she was always down to ride, or fly. Admittedly, courting was expensive, but her exclusivity was a stroke to my ego. I admired her “live in the moment” approach to life. She possessed a sense of inner tranquility that rubbed off on the people around her. With the amount of pressure I put on myself to achieve, I benefited from her sedative energy and she always brought the medicine to unlock my genius. Every interaction was full of positive vibes and enlightening conversation; a mental and physical stimulant. She had a unique way of opening my mind, but lacked the ability to close the door on what’s “done.” She wanted her cake and to fork with a new, refusing to dine at a table for two. As intriguing as it was, the relationship with The Siren was exactly like the getaway itself; short-lived and fleeting. She subtly hinted at more, but I think we both knew that our spin would never be forever. We scaled back the occasions to let things be for the better. She was rebelling against the past and I was obsessed with the future. Our present was a gift, but only in those current moments. The Siren and I suffered from out of sight out of mind, and yes her effort was admirable. In the end, the adventure concluded when the inconsistency became fatally undesirable.

Letter to The Siren

Hey, what’s up? It’s been a minute. I hope you’re taking care of yourself. I’ve been doing some reflecting and I thought I would drop you a note. I know you’re gonna read this and be like, “Why didn’t you just text me?” Lol you know I’m old fashioned. Do you still remember the first night we hung out? You were late and tried to convince me that it was my fault. Ha! Using that tricky psychology with such confidence, I could tell it’d been working for you in the past. Kudos on your gift of gab, but I hope you learned that ain’t nothin’ slick to a cana’ oil. The last time we texted you told me you were moving to the Big Apple. On the move as usual. I’m sure you’ll have no problem maneuvering in a fast paced environment. You’re such a chameleon. I wonder if the time you met me there has anything to do with your decision to venture back..? I remember the way you looked at me in the elevator. You certainly read my mind on that occasion. The scene was set and the view was ravishing. Spike Lee couldn’t have written a better script. I still think about some of our conversations. All the stuff you would say about not stressing and living in the moment. You’d always talk to me like I was some huge success… As if I’d already made it. I guess you figured out if I was convinced that reality was taken care of,  I wouldn’t mind escaping it for a weekend. Hmm, that tricky psychology. I always thought it was dope that we both like to travel. You’re rebellious side made it fun like Bonnie & Clyde and your bitter side made it annoying like Waiting to Exhale lol. But on a serious note, it really was hard for me to decipher what you truly wanted. Perhaps it was hard for you too. I’m still wondering, “when is it a good time to settle down and plan for the future?” I know you’ve been hurt and I know you love freedom, but I also know you love love. It’d just be a shame to see you single forever. You’re a good person and someone out there needs you. If you’re reading this, I’d like you to consider a few things I learned from you…

Lessons from The Siren

What I learned from The Siren is that there’s a premium on privacy. With so many social mediums available to divulge our personal lives, I fully enjoy my time under the radar. It provides a sense of freedom. I was drawn to The Siren because she felt the same way. Discretion is an Art and Mystery is a form of Seduction. There is something very attractive about a person that knows how and when to stay “low.”
What I learned from The Siren is the importance of living in the moment. The curse of ambition is that it causes us to be so anxious about the future that we sometimes forget to enjoy the present. The result being; we live not in the present, nor the future. The Siren loved to preach all the things I should be grateful for. It’s rare to find a person that can build you up and keep you down to earth at the same time. I needed that. I think we all do.
What I learned from The Siren is that Life is like the Seasons. There are trying times during the Winter but the relief of Spring always comes. The Summer is when the sailing is smooth, so enjoy it, but stay focused, the Winter is on it’s way. As the years pass, people come and go within these seasons. Either swooping in to assist us as we venture towards our next milestone, or checking out after having taught us a valuable lesson. Not every person we meet on this journey is meant to stay forever. It’s so vital that we learn to accept that. 
The Siren was holding onto her past and it was hindering her future flow. I was holding onto The Siren, but I learned to let it go…

I do hope that you understand; I’m just a Student with a Message.

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