The Veil [Ghosts of Girlfriends Past II]

The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past II


 An inside glimpse of three mysterious women from the past. Revealing how it went down & what was learned.

Inspired by Robert Greene’s Best Seller “The Art of Seduction.”

Creative Director: @GraffitiLyfeMovement

Photographer: @AntUnltd 

Writer|Stylist: @JBsFood4Thought

Model: @_BeeDeee

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The Veil

The Story of The Veil

The Veil is more than what meets the eye. She’s attractive yet unassuming, and outwardly a supportive person. She makes friends easily and naturally gravitates towards the beloved. We met at a time when my journey as a social connector was beginning to flourish, so instinctively, we both drifted towards those who wanted to help others succeed. My hustle is my heart and my brand is my baby. The Veil quickly earned my good favor by volunteering to lighten my work load. My buddies advised me to tread lightly, suggesting that there were means behind the scenes that I couldn’t yet discern. The warning signs were visible but I boldly chose to move forward. At the time, I was in no position to decline an eager contributor. The Veil was patient and unselfish. She was willing to put personal desires aside to please the one she admired. Our stride seemed bona fide so I never denied or tried to hide the fact that I was satisfied. I compensated her kindness with quality time and privy information. She craved “the juice” and I was the proverbial juice man. The known unknowns; I expressed that high profile associates are behooved by keeping things “low.” Not everything popular needs to be in the know. She obliged apprehensively and we resumed in obscurity. Admittedly, I wasn’t openly aroused by her reputation. The Veil assisted me backstage with weekly tasks and travel arrangements. Nothing too strenuous, but certainly a valuable service at a time when I was juggling many things at once. The Veil became the covert assistant I never knew I wanted. She made herself charmingly accessible to me. Arrogantly, I never questioned myself or inquired, “But at what costs do these favors come?” Perhaps it would have dawned on me that I couldn’t afford her services. I was too preoccupied with the devious thrill of making eye contact with The Veil in a crowded room and basking in the certainty that no one had a clue. The moves were stealthy for a spell but how long before things done in the dark are exposed to the light?

What appeared to be a solid foundation was becoming a house of cards. The Veil was growing tired of the charade and beginning to act out of turn. Making unauthorized decisions behind my back to hijack my attention. I maintained a poker face and threatened to pick up and fold; she aggressively called my bluff. The Veil knew when to reveal her best suit and birthday attire was the ace of spade. I called her out on the loose behavior but The Veil seductively raised the ante whenever her card was pulled. Maneuvering in the blind was turning into a bad beat for the dealer. As business and pleasure inadvertently mingled, it felt like the heightened emotions were sometimes taking control of The Veil. I made an overdue decision to break things off but it was too late. The Veil had already begun revealing what was previously undisclosed. No, not just our shrouded situation, but also a hasty preoccupation with eminence. The rumors of our alliance began to travel and I reflected on what I had been advised. No longer did The Veil’s selfless acts seem so purely rooted in generosity. The Veil’s benevolence was cloaked in a dream of one day being the gal who’s unveiled and beloved. Beloved by the “fans,” or unveiled by a man?  The truth remains a mystery. The Veil is obsessed with gaining acceptance and she has no problem exploiting herself and others to get it. I tried to explain that the rumor mill is no place to search for identity. The Veil hadn’t yet discovered that love and attention must come from within. Ironically, not just The Veil sat at the poker table feeling cheated and used. Some may say Karma rightfully busted my hand, but nonetheless my game was over. It was a selfish ask that The Veil never remove the mask, how could I expect her to keep it? I took a risk by getting involved and got burned by keeping a secret. Exiting the smoke is never as easy as it was to get in it, but I did find the door. The soiree concluded when the lights came on and all the masks were on the floor.

Letter to The Veil

Hey friend, how have you been? You still living at the same spot? Taking care of yourself I hope. It wasn’t bad catching up with you the last time everyone was together. I can see that you’ve grown up a lot and that’s dope. Proud of you. It’s funny that you decided to check on me a couple days before I wrote this. Yes it is bizarre how you sometimes read my mind. I laughed to myself because I thought you had no idea. But when I started to promote the project, you were texting me like you WANTED you be a ghost LOL who does that? You shoulda just said “Ghost me bruh I earned it.” Usually I get cussed out for these stories but of course you would get some twisted kick out of it. That’s why I told you that you weren’t in it. I didn’t wanna ruin it for you. You probably been reading each story just waiting patiently haven’t you?! Lmao well surprise! “Veil you guessed it! You’s Right!” But na this my art. A form of growth and expression for me. I’m glad you’re mature enough to “appreciate” it *side eye* Anyway, I will be nice and say thank you for playing a memorable role in my life. Your antics were all very entertaining until I was on the losing end of them. You taught me a lot about trust and the dangers of grey. And even if our egos will never let us admit it, I do believe we have a mutual respect for each other. At least I can say that it was good while it lasted. It took me a minute to forgive you for how things went down. I know you hated feeling like a secret but the word “messy” is never a good look for anyone’s reputation. Despite what people may think in light of this project, I really am a very private person and you know that. Privacy is my nature, not some diabolical plan to manipulate you. You love to bring up old stuff as if you’re still searching for closure or clarity. We go in circles around kinda making sense and then to completely preposterous. At this point I don’t know if our timelines will ever see eye to eye. I hope you can forgive me for the distance I put between us. It really felt like my only option and in hindsight it was actually for the better. I hate how things got sticky because we really did make a good team. You’re a hard worker and you know me well. I know you’re a good person and that last decision you made was wise and courageous. All in all, you made your mistakes and I certainly made mine. No need to harp on a song that has been played a million times. We’re cool and I’m cool with that. I’m sure I’ll see you when I see you. Allow me to share a few things that I learned…

Lessons from The Veil

What I learned from The Veil is that there is nothing free in this world. With love and adoration comes a certain responsibility. Don’t accept what you aren’t willing to compensate or reciprocate in good conscience. People will lure you in with candy and cake, but remember, doing the “Right Thing” for you is exclusively YOUR decision to make; no one else’s. Everything comes with a price, even kindness.

What I learned from The Veil is that it’s bad practice to mix business and pleasure. Many people love the thrill of walking the tight rope, but how long can preoccupied people move steady without a false step? At the very least, rational judgement can become cloudy when emotions are involved. If business is the priority, make the decision to keep pleasure in the minority. Once you add intimacy, the situation rarely ever goes back to virtuous business. You might think you’re Olivia Pope but scandals are never as fun when it’s YOUR reputation on the line.

What I learned from The Veil is that what’s done in the dark will always come to the light. Luke 8:17 says “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” I foolishly behaved as if things could remain in the dark forever, and not even The Veil knew that her greater intentions would eventually be disclosed. We both were hiding things but not wise enough to know this: The worst mistakes we make in life are the ones we don’t even notice.

I do hope that you understand; I’m just a Student with a Message.

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