#FOL Pt32 The Website

The #FruitsOfLabor Story Pt32 – JBsFood4Thought

@JBsFood4Thought has been my social media handle since the 2009 twitter days. During those years, I used that platform as a blog to showcase my thoughts and ideas with those that chose to tune in. I was able to generate a nice following for the #Food4Thought brand. Looking back at it now, I realize that I have always been a writer at heart.

At the end of 2013, I had just turned 28 and I was in deep deliberation of how to take my brand and talents to another level. I was doing a lot of reading and 2 of my best friends shared a few key books with me that were right on time. Probably a God send. The books in rotation were The Compound EffectSteal like an ArtistShow your workContagiousBrag, and The AlchemistAll of which sparked my imagination of what could be and laid out examples of how it could be done.

Twitter and Instagram had allowed me to create a mystique and interest from others, but it was impossible for me to fully showcase my brand through the confines of social media. It became very clear that a website would be the best way to focus and present all that I do. Once the idea had sunk in there was no looking back. I envisioned page by page exactly how the site would look and I got started. I developed the site myself using WordPress and Youtube tutorials. I recruited an awesome editor and began back stocking interviews for #ShineHard. I decided I would post a new interview every Sunday for the whole year. An intense schedule for sure, but I was up for the challenge. I planned and approached this multi-faceted website very strategically. I wanted to guarantee that my desired outcome was reached and exceeded. For JBsFood4Thought.com I’ve traveled all over the country and found myself laptop open in all types of vehicles; Car, Bus, Train, and Plane. I’ve put sleep on the back burner, and I’ve opened up to share some of my most personal experiences. Eleven months from January, I’m proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and staying committed to what I said I would do. Stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed, I never quit. It’s a sense of freedom when you work for yourself. I’m grateful to all the people who contributed because I couldn’t have done this alone. 2014 has been my realest year. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, this is only the beginning.

Below is a memo I wrote to myself at the beginning of the year. I guess you could call it a mission statement….

Why – #F4T

1. To Educate, Entertain, and Inspire.

2. To Create awareness for current and aspiring Leaders.

3. To build my personal brand as a connector, writer, and consultant- while simultaneously telling a story that will connect readers emotionally and give the world a better understanding of who I am, where/what I’ve come from, and why I do what I do.

 How – #F4T

1. I move quietly. Capitalize on surprise. Create an aura of mystery. Catch people off guard with my work. Cause a stir. Silent Assassin.

2. I only partake in things I can do with excellence. I only publish premium work. Impactful, Enlightening, Impressive.

3. Consistency. Repeat 1 & 2 over and over until excellence is a habit and an expectation. Until excellence has become a part of my reputation