#FOL Pt33 Thurgood Marshall Awards Gala

The #FruitsOfLabor Story Pt33 – Thurgood Marshall Awards Gala

I like to think that me ending up at this event was the law of attraction at it’s finest. The previous weekend I was in New York with my guy Edwin and we ended up at a Private Hennessy event in Manhattan. As we mingled and enjoyed the libations, I ran into an older gentleman that worked for Moët-Hennessy. We rapped briefly about what we do and exchanged business cards. He told me that he would be in DC soon and he would hit me up, cool. Didn’t really think much of it until the next time we spoke. We corresponded through email and he was extending a personal invitation to the Thurgood Marshall Awards Gala. Completely unexpected but I was definitely excited to attend. I looked it up and found that the purpose of the event was to raise scholarships for HBCU students. Considering my whole 2014 has been dedicated to uplifting the African-American community, clearly I was meant to attend!

The Awards Gala was hosted by LL Cool J and boasted an array of celebrity guests. As I browsed through the media guide I saw many familiar faces. Trey Songz, who is from my hometown, was there speaking as a philanthropist. Dr. William Harvey, the president of my prestigious alma mater, was receiving an award for educational leadership. There was also some great entertainers and speakers there to share with us as well. IT was impressive to see Wells Fargo make a Three Million Dollar contribution to the TGCF. The night was just an all around great experience. They served dinner, champagne, and dessert before they opened the floor to make donations. I happily made a contribution to the organization. Sharing the energy of the black excellence in that ball room was more than empowering, and  hearing the stories of the speakers was inspiring to say the least. While I was rapping with Trey, he said one thing that stuck with me; “No matter how high you get just find a way to keep the door open for whoever is up next.” I agreed, completely. I definitely wont forget what I learned and how I felt that night. Although there is no direct correlation, I connected all my hard work on this website to my actual reason for being there. The law of attraction I tell you! I belong in a room like that. Maybe soon I’ll be the one called to speak at such an occasion.