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When I arrived on Virginia State’s campus early Monday morning the parking lot was not yet filled by the student wheels. I quickly gathered my presentation materials and jogged lightly  to the top floor of the Daniel Building. I could tell adrenaline was starting to flow.  When I arrived at the classroom, I knocked twice and then opened. I was greeted by Dr. Leon Bey, who was in the midst of class announcements.  He enthusiastically introduced me to the class as they all stood and applauded. A traditional ovation for all guest speakers in Dr. Bey’s class. It humbly flashed me back to when I was the one standing and applauding in the desk not too far from where I stood. What a great feeling. Progress.

Between classes I got the opportunity to sit down with members of the Majors Club for Q&A. I addressed questions like “What steps have you taken to be successful in your career thus far?” and  “How beneficial will a Masters degree be for me in this Industry?”. The small groups really allowed me to address the concerns that college students are facing today.

Overall, I enjoyed sharing my philosophies and industry knowledge with VSU’s up and coming graduates. Three classes seated 100+ young men and women eager to learn! Many people don’t realize it, but even when you’re the one teaching you are learning again. Becoming a conscious student is paramount to Success in any endeavor. The main takeaway: Don’t wait to be called upon. DO the work you wish to be doing, and watch the money and the title come looking for YOU.

I’m already looking forward to my next opportunity to learn again.

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