[waw-ter] • noun •

2x Hydrogen + Oxygen = Water [H2O] •

“Be Like Water, my friend.” Over the past months I have had 3 friends tell me this on different occasions. So naturally, it stuck with me. I began to ruminate on what [H2O] really is and why anyone would want to be like it. Water is so many things and most of them are contradictions. Healing but Destructive. Refreshing but Lethal. Patient but Deceptive. Placid but Violent. Deep but Shallow. What are the qualities of water?

1. Water is massive, occupying 70% of the earth’s surface. Yet if we dive in the ocean we become weightless; We must understand how great we are but know the true gift is in helping others stay afloat through action and self-esteem

2. Water becomes hardened when the the temperature is low(cold) – Water is virtually invisible when the situation gets heated; Learn when to stand your ground and when to walk away. Silence is a skill, put non-action in your arsenal. 

3. Water is Fluid form when Still but operates like a Solid when backed by momentum. Water has the ability to avoid certain objects in its path and then crash straight through others; Learn to wisely choose your Battles. Maneuver around the senseless light pole and crash through the crippling wall.

4.  Water has the ability to take the shape of any container or environment; To be Formless. Realizing that Fluidity [The ability to Flow] is a Strength and not a weakness. If you have Flexibility of mental attitude it will be impossible for anyone to make you angry or irritable without Your consent. 

5. There is Water from the sky and Water from the ground; YOU be whatever is needed to extinguish the Fire. 

6. There are many forms of water: Oceans, Seas, Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, Streams, Canals; Like a water’s wave or current, We must learn to subtly guide people to the destinations. Ours or Theirs.

The moral of the story here is Self-Control.  Its said that Self-Discipline is the key to freedom from anything. Challenges exist but we all possess the characteristics to be like water. After all, 55% of the human body is made up of water. You ARE Water. We all are… Be Like Water or Get washed ashore.

This video demonstrates some of the benefits of Self-Discipline.  –↓



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