#FOL Pt22 – Windy City

The #FruitsOfLabor Story Pt22 – The Windy City

In 2012, I spent four months living in Chicago. I was offered a job and an apprenticeship and I jumped all over it. It was a hiatus from all things previous. I have visited and worked in Chi-town quite a few times before but it never gets old. My Aunt Marcia and her family have lived there for over 20 years. The thought of being close to them for such an extended period of time was exciting.

I was working on a project for a brand marketing company and also a seasonal Hyper Warm-up project for Nike . I was in Virginia when I get the call and I had to contemplate transportation. The work site was about 45 minutes away from my family’s house in Carpenterville. Renting a car for 4 months was out of the question, so I packed my Chevy Impala and hopped on the road. Thirteen hours later I arrive in Carpentersville, IL. A place that has always been like a second home to me. My Aunt and Uncle are the coolest and my three cousins are like younger brothers to me. I had a couple days off, then I hopped right into the flow of work. The work experience was interactive and offered me some quality reps with real people in network marketing.

The overall experience taught me a lot about family. As an only child, I didn’t grow up with a “Full House” environment. Getting a feel of that was kinda cool. It was like circling back to cross that off my list. I got to see my cousins play in a few basketball games. I realized how refreshing and energizing it is to be around family. Unconditional love can make you feel unstoppable. The season was winter and the Holidays were on the horizon; Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. What better time to be around friends and family? Even my Grandmother and Dad came out to visit. I explored the city so frequently that I can almost talk geography like a true Chicago native. Michigan Ave, Hyde Park, Flossmoor, and Southside, I journeyed all over. I spent a lot of time with my friends there and really indulged into the culture. Bulls games, Bears, games, Sight Seeing and Harold’s chicken, You couldn’t tell me I didn’t belong. I actually could see myself living in Chicago one day. Perhaps I’ll venture back. Out of all the times I’ve been to the Chi, this 4 month stint really stuck with me. I left much different that I came. It changed me..


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