#FOL Pt15 – Wireless


The #FruitsOfLabor Story Pt15 – Sprint Wireless

When I graduated HU I didn’t have a sports industry job lined up. At age 22, I was learning myself and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I worked a few jobs the year after college (Dillards, DTLR, Substitute Teaching). I didn’t stay at any of these places very long but I did take a little something from each one. Sprint was the job that actually had enough ingredients to keep me engaged.  

How I ended up at Sprint is a unique story. You know in 2010 Twitter was thee social network to be on. I was always on the crusade for new followers to entertain. I was using my multi-purpose BlackBerry excessively, so it only made sense that I would end up at the sprint store with technical issues. During a visit to the local sprint store I talked with the young girl, Ashley Brown, she was a technician there. We followed each other on Twitter. A few weeks later I see Ashley tweet something about a job opportunity with Sprint as a Technician. I always thought sprint would be a pretty cool place to work because I enjoy meeting and serving people, and I love gadgets! I had tried to work at Sprint when I was living in Hampton, but didn’t get the job. I responded immediately and ended up getting this one. This type of “Miss First, Score Later” occurrence has become a trend for me. 

Working here was incredibly valuable for me because I acquired so many skills. My role was Technician. Responsible for Problem Solving, Repairing Devices, and Educating Customers. As you may know, Sprint has never been known for the “highest quality” of service. In turn, customer service came at it’s highest intensity. We literally dealt with dissatisfied people every single day; Upset, Impatient, Conniving, Arrogant, and/or Angry. People want their phone to work and they want it NOW. There were very few days where patience wasn’t tested. I developed the ability to shield and redirect negativity. To look past people’s attitudes and search for the real issue. Another benefit is that I was getting a heavy dosage of new interactions. I talk about why this is important in “College Grad.” Lastly, I learned a plethora of things about cellular technology and gained friends(AB, CD, SM) that are like extended family today. We have laughs and memories for daaays! Leaving Sprint was tough but it was definitely time for me to move on. I had to continue on in search of my purpose.

Oh yeah, and the former employee rate is only like $50 a month for Unlimited Everything. GOD IS GOOD.